Boost Your Online Brand

The second most important reason auto buyers choose a specific auto dealer is because of their Reputation. Your dealerships’ online reputation includes both what you say about your auto dealership, sales team, & service dept, and most importantly, what others are saying about your dealership, sales team, & service dept. Today, your customers are using directories like Yelp, Google, Bing, Citysearch, Twitter, and Facebook to voice their opinions, which directly impacts your company’s sales & profit. Our Reputation Management platform shows you all of the online locations that your business is listed, whether or not the information is correct, user reviews & conversations, and helps you improve your company’s visibility online!

Did You Know

2/3 of people are now more likely to buy from a business if they find positive comments about it online.

Did You Know

Conversely, 1/2 of all customers are less likely to buy if the majority of the comments found online are negative.

Amplify Your Brand!

We give you a complete picture of your company’s online reputation which is done automatically, and in real time. The key to great reputation management is not just monitoring your brand, it’s what you do with the information. You have to know what’s being said about your auto dealership as it happens so you can respond swiftly and effectively, share the content with other sites & consumers, and take action when information is incorrect to ensure it’s accuracy. You spent energy, time and money to make your business successful, and now it’s time to take control of your company’s online reputation! With our Reputation Intelligence & Management Services, you can see and control your online presence , and we can help!

Key Features:

Our system gathers all the data your company needs to get a complete picture of your online reputation. Plus, it’s all done automatically so you won’t need to learn any complicated software.

Key Visibility

Create, Edit, & Verify the accuracy of your company listings across review sites, directories, and major social networks. Inconsistent listing information can cause poor placement on search engine results pages.


Compile mentions, check-ins and reviews from sources including news sites, blogs, and social networks, and highlight the most positive and negative mentions using our system’s automated sentiment analysis.


Competitor analytics allow you to monitor and compare your competition on keyword searches, reviews, social media activity, sales, deals & promotions. This information will allow you to better plan your strategy.


Weekly reports break down how your business is faring in online chatter, and provides actionable information. Alerts are also sent every time a new conversation, review or online chat mentions your dealership.

What To Expect From Online Reputation:

Consumer Created Content & Reviews Are Marketing Gold!

Verify Local Accuracy and Consistency

Consistent and accurate information across multiple websites and directories can be a strong signal for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Benefit – Our service ensures that your data is accurate and consistent wherever a potential customer or a search engine might be looking to find you. We will check your online dealership information and correct anything that may not be consistent across the internet. In addition, we will help you stand out from your competitors by adding special offers, videos, and photos to your listings. We will review your directory information across multiple websites and directories to see if you have accurate and consistent data.

Active Listening

Our reputation monitoring service automatically retrieves ratings and reviews from top sites like Google Plus Local, Yelp, Citysearch and dozens of others so you can monitor what is being said about your dealership. We help you stay on top of reviews, mentions from news sites, blogs, and social networks so you can get the full picture of what people are saying about your dealership. Each mention is scored from positive to negative so it’s easy to see which comments need to be addressed. Customer reviews and online word-of-mouth heavily impact the bottom line.

Competitive Listening

We show you how frequently your dealership is mentioned compared to your competitors in online searches. The ability to track competitors’ deals and social activity is useful for planning as it allows you to see how active they are and which promotions are most effective.

Respond & Interact with Social Networks and Review Sites

We will be able to see local dealership reviews across top review sites and social networks. It’s a huge AUDIENCE that you don’t want to ignore, good or bad. We will respond on your behalf with standard responses or we will develop custom responses depending on your specific need.

Engage with Social Media Fans*

If you participate in our Social Media Management programs, when a customer posts something to one of your social profiles (i.e., Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.), we can engage, respond, and interact on your behalf. Frequent activity positions your dealership as viable in the social world, thriving and engaged with your customers.

Automatic Notifications & Alerts

Alerts are sent when new information about your business or competitor is found. These alerts are configurable, allowing you to select which types of content and events will trigger an alert.

Executive Reports

Monthly reports provide transparency and show you exactly what is being said about your dealership. We can outline all of the tasks that were completed and provide a continuous channel of communication to keep you informed. Weekly executive reports summarize key aspects of your online presence and reputation.