Social media marketing in most aspects has replaced word of mouth advertising. When it comes to choosing a dealership to turn to when making a new vehicle purchase, finding a reputable automotive dealer or simply sharing details of their shopping experience, vehicle shoppers are taking to social media! Automotive companies utilizing social media networks to communicate directly with their target audiences has become indispensable in today’s digital age.

  • Of All Time Spent Online In the U.S. Is Spent On Social Media Sites. 23%
  • Of Car Shoppers Share On Social Media Their Recommendation. 41%
  • Of New-Car Shoppers See A Post That Caused Them To Consider That Brand Or Model Into Their Shopping. 46%


Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Foursquare, Tumbler, Blogger, and LinkedIn can provide your dealership with a launching pad in creating conversation with potential customers, and therefore, generate more activity with your company’s brand. The key to executing a Social Media Marketing strategy is conversation and engagement. This level of social strategy is initiated within the members of the social network – These self-sustaining conversations become a catalyst for viral marketing.


Whether your business is a small, medium or large enterprise, you can trust the Social Media Specialists at Amplified to turn your social draft into full-fledged social conversation portals. Creating & maintaining social networks is often a large investment in both time and money – requiring a unique team that has the confidence and technical expertise to deliver all weather solutions. At Amplified, you’ll receive designers and skilled professionals who have been utilizing internet since its inception, and have participated in social media applications for almost a decade.

Best Practices & Strategies

You receive a one-on-one consultation with our automotive digital expert to review & discuss your current social media presence, strategies, ideas, and future needs. This includes analysis of the Automotive Dealership Industry’s social media use to create your personalized social media “game-plan.”

Monthly Review

Throughout our partnership, we will regularly review your program and continue to plan and strategize for the future to maximize your company’s social media engagement.

Profile Configuration

Our team will create and setup your new social media account,(s) or enhance your existing profile(s), to ensure your company is seen the same way across the web. Our graphic artist will also create custom artwork for your social media profile(s) to represent your company’s brand, manufacturer lines, styles, & specials.

Integration Kit

This kit includes a checklist of places to incorporate your social media links & logos, a best practices starter guide, posting topic ideas, promotional materials, and more!

Engaging Content

Our team will update your social media profile(s) with creative & unique status updates, specials, local news/community events, include content & information you provide, along with industry specific articles & information.

Community Outreach

Includes engagement & promotions within the local community through likes, follows, connections, interactions, shares, supporting, tagging and commenting on articles and related community stories to establish you as a valuable resource in the industry & in your local community.

Unlimited Updates

Stay in front of your target audience with unlimited Facebook posts, tweets & Pins!


Keep in mind that we will utilize only the social networks that make the most sense to your brand. Along with the above services our social team of experts has the capability to run Facebook contests, promotions, sweepstakes & giveaways, create custom Facebook applications & tabs which integrates your content on the social platform. PLUS, Stay in front of your competition by running targeted advertising on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and Pinterest with promoted posts, sponsored stories, mobile advertising & side rail advertising!

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