Targeted Digital Marketing Solutions

Amplified Autos Offers Targets Display Ads

Targeted Display Ads For Auto

Nearly all new vehicle shoppers have access to the internet, with 22% spending more than 16 hours a week online for personal use.

Amplified utilizes a premium digital advertising platform that allows marketers to utilize consumer data within display advertising for more relevant messaging. As a full-solution provider of advanced advertising, we enable cost-efficient audience targeting that goes beyond the simple on-site digital display ads.

Digital Network Targeting Options

Premium News Network

A Rich Website Network made up of 1,600 premium news websites like the Washington Post, Kansas City Star, Denver Post, NY Daily News & Chicago Tribune.
Display advertising is targeted to your local customers by their user geography.
Elevate Your Brand by displaying your message in guaranteed positions, unlike remnant ad networks, where they appear below the fold or in unsold locations.

Category Targeting

  • Offers a customizable mini-network of websites designed to reach your audience through relevant content.
  • Each site is targetable with a common content theme, such as Health, Parenting, Politics, Dining, and more.
  • Expose your brand on national websites, geo-targeted to the local marketplace!

Advanced Audience Targeting

Reach a specific audience over a premium network of 8,000+ websites using demographic, behavioral, job title, keyword & contextual targeting.

  • Demographic Targeting:Target a specific demographic (age, gender, HHI, etc) using data compiled from registration information provided by users. (credit card apps, online tax forms, industry newsletters, fantasy football, e-commerce).
  • Behavioral Targeting: Drive brand/product awareness to an active “shopper” through various behavioral segments (in-market, enthusiasts, custom keyword search history) compiled from recent internet activity.
  • Job-Title Targeting: Get in front of decision makers or a specific audience based on their profession.
  • Keyword Targeting: Reach a targeted audience by serving display advertising on any internet page they view after searching specific keywords on search engines.