We are a full-service, consultative digital advertising agency that creates strategic and fully integrated digital marketing campaigns to drive awareness and engagement around your automotive brand. If you’re not ahead of the digital age then you’re not reaching the full spectrum of your customer base! Request a FREE Marketing Consultation Today!

Our team of highly trained marketing experts focuses on strategic Digital Marketing, Creative Services and Media Planning & Consulting, with the goal of helping your dealership successfully navigate through an ever changing digital landscape. At Amplified Autos, our staff understands that as a business owner, you create your businesses to be successful with a specific product, service, or goal in mind – not to become digital media and advertising experts. You should know that there is so much more to online advertising than simply increasing the number of visitors to your website. Our team’s integrated approach to digital marketing is focused on creating & maintaining your brand, improving conversion rates, increasing social engagement, driving sales & revenue, and gaining a better return on your marketing investment.

We help dealerships like yours succeed in your online marketing by taking all of the complicated jargon like Programmatic, SEO, PPC, Engagement, and HTML & PHP and turn it into comprehensive marketing strategies including: Search Engine Marketing, Social Networking & Contesting,Website Design & Development, Dealership Reputation Management, and Digital Display Marketing and we do it all with emerging digital and targeting technologies such as Behavioral Targeting, Demographic Targeting Geo-Fencing, Remarketing, Job Title Targeting, Keyword Contextual Targeting, Mobile & GPS Targeted Advertising, Email Marketing and so much more!


Each element in a marketing campaign affects the overall power of your dealership and auto brand in the digital landscape.

Our integrated approach to digital marketing takes every digital element into consideration, and focuses on creating brand & product awareness, improving conversion rates, increasing social engagement, driving sales & revenue, managing your company’s overall reputation online, and gaining a better return on your organization’s marketing investment.

Utilizing the newest technologies in our Marketing Campaigns, we leverage our relationships with top networks and major Search Engines to build your remarketing, AdWord/PPC Campaigns, and premium news & display ad networks for extremely targetable digital display and mobile/tablet advertising.

Our Social Media Management & Marketing team are experts in the industry, and have helped hundreds of companies grow their fan base , create engagement, and become more successful through social advertising tools.

The combination of these technologies and the seamless integration of traditional and premium content networks and social sites helps your digital marketing campaigns stand far above your competition.

  • Our in-depth company and industry specific research process reveals the Needs and Attitudes that drive deep engagement and decision-making Behavior.
  • Rich insights into our clients’ customers provide intelligence on the best reaching and most lucrative product and service offerings.
  • We provide the marketing strategies, creative campaigns, and implementation that allows insights into the marketplace across every consumer touchpoint and to maximize business impact.


Our Automotive Digital Team operates with expertise across multiple technologies and industries to become trusted partners with our clients, working together to:

  • Define the best growth opportunities for their brand and strategic road map
  • Grow business by identifying, prioritizing and focusing their most successful marketing investments
  • Better understand customer motivations and connected device usage when interacting with branded content

Our experienced Digital Media Specialists will work with you to develop an online marketing plan that connects your message to your customers. This will ensure that your target audience finds out about your business, is intrigued by it, and takes action to engage with your business to learn more information about your products and services.